Next to E-mail, a corporate website is a must have feature. We use the popular and award winning cPanel advanced hosting platform. Our clients love it because it is easy to manage without requiring an IT degree. It's a solid platform.

  • $10 Standard HTML Hosting
  • $15 Quip CMS
  • $20 Wordpress Hosting

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  • $30 Quill CMS Hosting
  • $50 Application Hosting

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    We offer secure POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and Webmail. E-Mail is still the "killer app" and our customers prefer our hands on admin team approach to the giant dotcom free-for-all services. With botbit, we will help you feel like you are just a number.... and it's number 1! Our monthly plans are below:

  • $8 Single Mail Accounts
  • $6 Small Business 5 to 10 users (


  • $4 Large Business 11 to 25 users
  • $3 Corporate Office 26+ users

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    Spam tastes nasty to our bots. We use the top email filtering technology available. This is a must have with many customers, and is a popular add-on. Our spam-filter average accuracy rate is 99%.

  • $5 Standard Filtering Up to 10 users
  • $4 Corporate Mail Gateway 11+ users

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