Quip is a simple, lightweight content management system (CMS). Built on the powerful Lotus Domino platform by Nitebrain Technology, Quip allows site managers to easily create and manage simple web pages without having to learn complicated Internet programming concepts.

Quip has a limited feature set, but it can be a powerful system. For example, the entire website was created using Quip! No two Quip sites are the same, unlike all those template sites you've seen all over the net.

The commands are simple and easy to use. No downloads, no software to install, no coding required.

It takes the average person about 10 minutes to learn how to use Quip.


With Quip, you can create unlimited pages, with links, pictures and text markup tools. Its basically and intelligent web page database.

  • Unlimited Pages - No more page limitations
  • Content Editor - Web-based content editor - Zero software
  • Unique Quip Tags - Help you style and control your content
  • Text markup tools (bold,


    , headings, sizes, etc)
  • Text effects (blinking text, scrolling text, hi-lite, etc)
  • Page Enhancements (colors, boxes, shadows, coupons, animations, bullets, lines)
  • Image Gallery for storing artwork, animations and photos
  • Links to websites, Quip pages and images
  • Animation effects, pop-ups like this: INFO and this HELP
  • Security
  • Multi-user Support
  • Many more...

    The scrolling text feature allows you to create dynamic text-tickers that draw attention to your content

  • All Quip components are included in a single file. The site owner can choose any front-end design that meets their visual design preferences, and then we integrate the Quip CMS using that design. Hosting can be provided in our Dallas Network Center. For more information on the Quip CMS, please call our office.

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